What does VERDEN mean? Can you say The VERDEN or Le VERDEN?

What does Verden mean?  Can you say The Verden or Le Verden?

Verden is a Danish word that means 'The World' or 'The Earth'. 

Interesting facts about the word Verden:

  • The '-en' ending is the definite article in Danish.  So if you say 'The Verden' or 'Le Verden' it's grammatically incorrect because you're repeating the definite article and saying 'The the world'.
  • The origin of the word goes all the way back to ancient Norse, the language spoken by the vikings.  Old Danish werdhen, originally the singular definite form of wæræld, wærild, wærælde, came from Old Norse verǫld, whence verd, from Proto-Germanic *weraldiz. The original indefinite form was rarely used so much so that the definite form was eventually interpreted as the indefinite form.

We chose the name for our brand because Charlotte (our co-founder) is Danish and the VERDEN brand is inspired by her connection with the natural world on the Danish coast.  

The way natural fragrance connects us to the earth and makes us feel happy is at the heart of the VERDEN brand. This profound relationship is inspired by Charlotte's emotional attachment to the beach in North Zealand where she spent her childhood summers and where she now brings her own children every summer.  It's a beautiful place where sky and sea merge and the summer nights are long and light.  Every time you use a VERDEN product we hope you share in that elemental joy.