Return to the breath.

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Natural fragrance rituals connect us to our breath and the Earth.
They let us feel joy by uniting mind and body



It helps you feel better by breathing better. It's completely free.


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A lovely green, grassy, herby smell that counter-balances a long day in the big smoke. For city dwellers who still adore the feeling of grass under their bare feet and the smell of rivers and morning dew, this is your bath. I added a generous splosh to the tub and felt spacious, calm and way less digital in minutes.

Katie Serviice


...the same soothing aromatherapy effect you would expect from team Votary.

Jessica Diner

Nothing helps to elevate a sink, whether in the kitchen or loo, like a bottle of scented hand wash with beautifully designed packaging.

Twig Hutchinson

House & Garden

Looking good, smelling even better.

Aimee Farrell


All natural fragrances and they smell sooo good! Also - and this is key to me wanting to buy anything - the bottles look great on display. That font is so damn attractive.

Eleanor Cording-Booth


You’re enveloped in an earthy aroma that literally makes me feel like I’m walking through an ethereal forest with a hint of smokey fire crackling.



All natural botanical essence, SLS free, cruelty free, vegan friendly made from herbs and wild grasses! JOY!

Butter Wakefield Garden Design


A body wash that is the perfect start to your day. A moisturiser that adds goodness to your skin. A candle that takes you to a place that you want to be. And a bath oil that lets you forget about the world.

Sarah Corbett-Winder