New VERDEN Breathwork App

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The VERDEN Breathwork App is now available to download free on both Apple iPhone and on Android.  Inspired by the healing power of nature, the VERDEN App helps you feel better by breathing better.  Uniting mind, body and nature.

VERDEN natural fragrances are calming daily reminders to breathe deeply and slowly. The app extends our holistic and grounding philosophy by providing accessible breathwork resources for everyone. 

The VERDEN App develops positive breathwork and connection with nature - both proven to transform physical and mental health.

Because breathwork is highly individual, the app has functionality that allows you to customise your practice, as well as preset breathing exercises.

You can practice breath-based mindfulness by adding VERDEN’s unique ‘free breathing’ to your practice.

VERDEN products are designed to infuse the air with natural fragrance and to  reconnect you with the earth. The VERDEN app brings to life the landscapes that inspire our fragrances - so you can immerse yourself in the transformative world of VERDEN. 

A free wellness resource for our community

The VERDEN Breathwork App is a free resource for our community.  Accessible to everyone with a phone.  There are no ads or subscription fees.

We hope you will try it and feel better.

Download on Apple iPhone

Download on Android

Get started with the 4 week VERDEN breathwork programme 

If you're not sure where to start, we've created a four week breathwork induction programme for you.  Click here to learn more and start feeling better just by breathing better.