At Home With Lucy Barlow

Renowned interior designer Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow known for her innovative and personalised approach to transforming spaces shares a peek into her home life and design inspiration.

Lucy studied fashion before attending the Inchbald School of Design. On graduating, she worked for a number of years with the decorator Mark Gillette in the north of England creating interiors for a series of big country house estates. Lucy is known for her rich interior style, which is marked by its riotous sense of fun, colour and pattern. She founded her own design practice, Barlow & Barlow in September 2013. She says: “It’s so important to create a space that makes your life better. Colour, pattern, warmth, beautiful lighting – these are the tools to make you feel happy in a home.”

Lucy created the interiors at Kin House, where you will also find VERDEN amenities.

Where did you grow up and where are you now?
Cheshire countryside, now North West London with husband Joshua, our two children and Figgy the pug!
What does an average day at the studio look like for you?
First thing it has to be a coffee and reading emails. Planning the day ahead, usually with a design meeting with clients, looking at concepts, samples and mood boards. Then it's an afternoon spent sourcing wonderful furniture and putting together rich concepts boards for our exciting new projects.
What’s your favourite corner in your home and how do you use it?
The kitchen is the central hub for our family but is a loud and sometimes hectic space... we are in the process of redesigning our whole home, so I look forward to discovering little corners to cherish when they appear!
How would you describe your design style?
Bold, creative and very fun! I want people to express themselves and have fun with their beautiful homes!
What is your favourite museum and why do you love it?
Our weekends are spent as a family and recently we visited the Natural History Museum on our son's current dinosaur obsession! Its such a fun activity for children and we adults couldn't help but get involved with the fun ... think photoshoots with a T-Rex!  
Do you have any daily self-care rituals you can’t miss?
I adore good beauty products; in the evenings I like to prep before bed and take a little time for myself.
How do you connect with nature - what’s your favourite place and what fragrance do you associate with it?
I love going to my parent's place in Spain, being by the sea is so joyful and relaxing, so many fond memories over the years. I always think of lemon and cotton - something crisp and fresh.
What are your key fragrance memories?
I found a wonderful fragrance in Rome whilst we were planning our wedding and wore their Meraviglia_re scent on my wedding day which filled the day with notes of rose and incense. Its only available in Italy so I try to stock up when I can!
What’s your favourite VERDEN fragrance? 
D’Orangerie is such a scent of summer evenings - something I also look forward to and crave, especially when the London weather can be so miserable! I also love Arborealist which is such sophisticated scent.
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