The Art of the Bath

History of bathing

Human beings have known for millennia that immersion in water makes us feel better.  It connects us viscerally to one of nature’s fundamental elements.  That’s why we’ve used bathing for religious, therapeutic and recreational rituals throughout history. In a world where we are increasingly removed from nature and the elements, bathing reconnects us to the earth - while making us look more attractive and smell sweeter. 

Benefits of bathing

Hot baths have a multitude of proven benefits from muscle relaxation and pain relief to improved sleep.  Taken altogether it’s not surprising that having a daily bath helps lift your mood and make you happier.

Why I love a good soak

Dropping into a deep, hot bath at the end of the day marks the end of my work day and the start of my evening. Working from home, this is really helpful in keeping the two separate. Bathing relaxes my muscles and softens my skin and the feeling of supported weightlessness is incredibly calming and centering. The hot water also improves my circulation, warming up cold fingers and toes, helping me to sleep better. 

Top tips for having a great bath

Water temperature 

Whatever makes you feel good and promotes total relaxation for you. We love a hot bath, but your own body temperature might prefer a cooler temperature. Whatever it is, make sure you take the time to get it ‘just right’. This might mean standing over it and tweaking the hot/cold balance. 

Bath products

Bath time is precious and you want to make the most of the ritual with indulgent bath products.  Choose plant-based products made with natural fragrances to allow you to immerse yourself in nature. Different products have different benefits so check in with your body:  Bath salts are excellent for sore muscles, bath oil is gloriously comforting for dry skin and old school bubbles never fail to lift the spirit (always choose plant-based, soap-free formula like Verden Hand and Body wash to avoid drying out your skin) 


Warm water and steam is made for enjoyment of aromatherapy.

The uplifting botanical scent of Herbanum helps relax and soothe sore muscles, transporting you into nature and a calmer headspace. Rosemary, cedarwood, petitgrain and lavender combine to ensure a truly relaxing soak. 

Skincare masking

Using the time you are lying in the bath to allow transforming ingredients to get to work on your face is a brilliant idea. Try smoothing Votary’s Radiance Reveal Mask into your skin before you hop in. Remove with a face cloth just before you get out and your skin will glow, just like the rest of your body.  

Hair Washing

Hairdressers seem to be in universal agreement that you should not wash your hair in the bath.  Instead have a quick shower to wash your hair before getting in the bath. It’s the Japanese way and really elevates the sense of purification you get from your bathing.