VERDEN in the press

D'Orangerie Wash and Balm on beach

Discover why VERDEN's natural fragrances and elegant pack design are fast becoming must-haves for style and beauty editors.


Delighted to see Arborealist Hand and Body Balm featured in Sheerluxe's line up of best new beauty buys in December.
Florence Wales Bonner loves our bath oils for pampering skin, body and hair, and smelling divine.
Delighted that Twig Hutchinson found D'Orangerie Hand and Body Wash helped to elevate a sink like nothing else, with its beautifully designed packaging and appealing fragrance.
Thrilled to see VERDEN featured in Inigo's line up of January's must-dos and must-haves.

Herbanum Bath Oil is loved by Jessica Diner for leaving skin feeling incredibly soft post-soak, and the botanical scent the uplifts immeasurably.
Collagerie recommends Arborealist Bath Oil as a staple on a blissful route to the body beautiful.

YOU Magazine
Edwina Ings-Chambers finds the aroma of orange blossom in its D’Orangerie Hand and Body Wash a delight.
The Modern House recommends to treat someone (or yourself) to VERDEN's beautiful natural bath products.

Country Life
Hetty Lintell says that VERDEN Hand and Body Wash and Balm are a guaranteed winner to take along as a weekend house party present.

The Telegraph
Eilidh Hargreaves thinks D'Orangerie Hand and Body Balm indulgent but practical gift - velvety and infused with citrus gorgeousness.

The Telegraph
Bibby Sowray lists VERDEN as one of the 25 best British independent brands to shop across the UK.
D'Orangerie Wash and Bath Oil