Votary - Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths
Votary - Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths

Votary - Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths

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'I'm really passionate about cleansing with face cloths. It's my secret cleansing tool! Some of the biggest skin concerns people have are as a result of not cleansing skin properly. Cleansing with a Votary face cloth means every trace of dirt is lifted.'

Arabella Preston, Votary Co-Founder

When wrung out in hand-hot water and applied to your skin, they bring steam and warmth. This helps your skin to relax and release, and maximises the Votary facial cleansing oil’s natural power. The soothing aromatherapy moment – when you breathe in the gorgeous fragrance – also helps to settle your mind.

When you begin to wipe your face, the face cloth helps to lift away every scrap of grime, make-up and SPF. The gentle action also means any dead skin cells are carefully exfoliated away, leaving you with beautifully clean and hydrated skin and a healthy glow.

Your face will love you for using them.

Box contains five 100% pure cotton terry face cloths - hypoallergenic, breathable and soothing on all skin types. Gentle and non-irritating on sensitive and delicate skin.

Made in Portugal.

Care Instructions: Wash at 60°C. Tumble dry.

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